Eggies COLOR Flame (2 Pack)

    Fire Starters $5.99/Pack

Add dancing colorful flames to any wood burning fire instantly! Throw unopened pack directly into middle of a hot well lit fire and enjoy the show. Colors normally last for about 45 minutes.

 Insane Flames Color Packets

​ Buy 10 get 2 FREE

Instantly start blazing fires in seconds with dancing colorful flames that will amaze your friends and family. Simply light the pulp recycled container to start a roaring color fire you can enjoy for hours! 

Eggies and Eggies Color Flames are the original

egg-create fire starters made of 100% recycled materials,

even our packaging so there is no waste! 

Our Eco-friendly materials are better for the environment and a smart alternative to glue based kindling blocks, petroleum starters, lighter fluids or ethanol based gels.

One of the most creative and useful products- MADE IN THE USA. 


Buy 3 Get 1 FREE Spring Stock Up Savings

Eggies All Natural EZ Fire Starters with Flame Colorant - The Best Fire Starters On The Planet. SM

 Eggies COLOR Flame Fire Starters 

​ Buy 3 Get 1 FREE

Instantly start blazing fires in seconds without the need for newspapers, sticks or other dangerous solvents. Simply light the edges of the pulp recycled container and enjoy an effortless fire fast!

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     Eggies Original (2 Pack)

     Fire Starters $4.99/Pack

 Eggies Original Fire Starters 

 Buy 3 Get 1 FREE

    Insane Flames (6-Pack)

    Color Packets $2.25/Packet

    Counter Display 

    Retail / Wholesale Pricing Available

    Min. Order 48 Packs: or Call: (508) 579-2982